We are Structura Architects. We are a full-service architectural designer based in the Philippines. We have been in the business of designing homes and structures since 2006. 

We believe in designs that work for clients, not in those that merely look good on photos. We value lasting relationships with clients, suppliers, and co-professionals. 

As part of our services, we are able to produce high-quality 3D renders, an output that is especially useful for developers and business owners who intend to visualise their projects before making sizeable investments. 

We help business owners determine the best building type and design for a more attractive return-on-investment. 

We help homeowners create homes that respond to their needs. 

We provide Project Management services, to help property owners ensure that their projects are carried out by their contractors correctly and promptly.

We assist colleagues in the profession by providing full drafting support for all types of projects, whether local or overseas. Our extensive experience with softwares like AutoCAD, 3D Max, VRay, SketchUp, Lumion, and other softwares makes us a competent drafting arm in the design industry. 

We can work on remote engagements, as we have over the years, but we also have a physical office in Mandaluyong City where clients can freely visit us to check on our work. 

We are committed to seeing projects through. 

We will help make your dream structure a reality. 


To become the Philippines' preferred one-stop turnkey architectural and construction services provider.

To be the preferred partner of property owners & developers, investors, businessmen, and other stakeholders in realising built environments that are exquisite but functional, global but client-specific, creative but conscientious, and modern but respectful of heritage and culture.


Structura Architects commits to apply technical and professional expertise to all its projects. The firm strives to make a difference in its clients’ lives through designs that value sustainability and quality of life. 

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