About the Principal Architect

Excerpt from Real Living Magazine interview:

Please tell us about your educational and professional background.

I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in BS Architecture, and I have a Master of Architecture degree, Major in Community Architecture (urban design) from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. 

I have been in practice since 2006.

What is your design style or trademark? 

Despite the fact that I love using wood as much as possible, I prefer not to be “trapped” into having one particular style or brand. Every project is in itself unique; projects will infinitely vary depending on site/location, available materials, space requirements, owner preference, and a myriad of other factors. Our job as architects / designers should be to come up with the best possible design solution that uniquely serves the factors presented to us. No two projects are ever exactly the same, not even when you are constructing a duplicate design.

I would like to borrow the words of Renzo Piano to better explain this philosophy: “I hate this idea of a repetitive gesture or a self-referential attitude; I hate this idea of being trapped by the need to promote your griffe– your label – but at the same time I love the idea of coherence. I love the idea that an architect has their own language. We have to constantly fight against the temptation to repeat yourself.”

What is your design process?

Designing, for me, isn’t something that can be hurried. The creative process has to be inspired, has to come naturally. Granted, it should be tied to a theoretical foundation gained through either professional training or extensive experience, but I think the best designs are still those that are spontaneously propelled by strong inspirations. 

What is your dream project?

A sustainable urban master plan.

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