3 Common Renovation Questions Answered


I renovate an existing structure, or just demolish it entirely to build a new

isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this, mainly because the extent and cost of
renovation work depends hugely on the current condition of the structure. Addressing
questions like, is the structural frame still intact, or how much of the
existing parts can still be safely used, should help a property owner in deciding
whether to renovate or not.

said, however, there are undeniable advantages to working with an existing
structure instead of building from scratch. The first one would have to be the
former being substantially more environment-friendly than the latter.
The design and construction industries have begun responding over the years to
the call for sustainable, low-carbon footprint building solutions, to contribute
to the global effort of preserving our finite natural resources. Altering or
updating an already existing structure cause less disturbance to the natural environment
than, say, excavating a new site, and installing new materials that may have negatively
impacted the environment during production. Demolition and construction debris
that end up in landfills are reduced by at least 30% in renovation projects.

second advantage is savings. While it’s true that some renovation
projects may cause more than building from ground up usually due to structural
frailty, the more common scenario is that property owners tend to spend more
when working on new builds than on existing structures. Except in cases of
extreme structural decay, savings on grubbing, excavation, backfilling,
foundation (steel or rebars and concrete), and building envelope expenses are
expected in renovation projects, which account to about 30-40% of the total construction

think I’m ready to renovate. What steps should I take?

perform an honest, thorough assessment of the structure to be renovated,
preferably with an architect. This will provide the owner an initial idea of
the extent of work, be it reinforcement or alteration, that needs to be done.

set a budget, and discuss design & budget requirements with the architect. The
architect will help the property owner identify spaces that can be retained,
and areas that need to be adjusted based on the latter’s budget and on the
structure’s physical condition. The architect will also help the owner through
the entire renovation process, beginning with the preparation of construction
drawings, to ensuring that renovation work is correctly carried out.

Do I
need a permit in order to renovate?

The architect together with his/her engineering consultants will be preparing
all drawings and forms required to secure a Renovation Permit from the local


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