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Workspace Optimising Package (click on 2nd photo to see price in Php)

$1000.00 USD

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and move in the world. We are forced to adapt to strange measures in order to ensure safety and resilience, such as social distancing. 

The workplace remains an important part of our lives as we soldier on to ensure continuous livelihood for our families, even in the middle of a pandemic. As a business owner or office manager, it is our duty to provide a safe workspace for our employees while ensuring that productivity is minimally impacted. 

This service is designed to help Business Owners or Office Managers adjust the current layout of their workspace to ensure safe distancing between employees. The buyer will receive the following:

1. Detailed Furniture Layout 
2. Specifications / recommendations for further implementation of COVID19 safety in the workplace

The following documents will be needed from the buyer:
1. As-built drawings / Current workspace layout
2. Relevant details such as employee headcount, current furniture specs, etc.
3. Site photos

Turnaround time:
Three (3) to Five (5) business days

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